Cooking and me is a date always!


Hi and welcome to my blog! I am Mayuri and this blog is my little corner on the internet to share my experiments in cooking 🙂

I tried my hand at cooking first in my early twenties, but found it quite intimidating and thought it was not my cup of tea. It was mostly my husband’s fondness for food that motivated me to give cooking another shot and this time around it stuck. I love cooking for friends, family and of course for myself. The most fun part of creating new recipes for me is to improvise and experiment with ingredients, to bring in healthy substitutes and to create wholesome meals, without compromising on taste.

I am a vegetarian and so all my recipes are vegetarian and sometimes also vegan! I am also a big fan of using cast iron pots and pans and would highly recommend it to anyone who has heard about its many benefits.
Apart from cooking, I love dark chocolate, yoga, romantic movies, long drives and… did I say, dark chocolate 😋
There is a sea of recipe blogs and resources out there today, but I have started this blog with the hope that there is always space for food 🙂